Dr. César Rodriguez Rabanal

Dr. César Rodriguez Rabanal

Leadership Advisory

The doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and social researcher is highly regarded as a coach internationally. He is the definitive leadership advisor. Responsible for providing support in special moments in the career of managers, as well as for team and personnel development.


Originally from Lima, Peru, he is a trained doctor who found his way from Lima to Frankfurt via Madrid, returned to Lima at the beginning of the 1980s, where he conducted research on living conditions in the slums of Lima for many years and published his findings. As president of the Democratic Forum he united democratic forces in Peru. As director of state television he promoted political enlightenment. Advisor and minister in the cabinet of President Toledo for several years.

Attitude to life

Homo politicus, polyglot citizen of the world, expert in his field, witness of his times. A lover of freedom and a person of great humanity. Also willing to voice uncomfortable truths.


The success of his work in the individual mentoring of top managers and in advising companies speaks for itself. At CAPITALENT his more than thirty years of leadership experience in industry and politics led to the founding of our ongoing Leadership Advisory Practice. His service to society has been recognized internationally many times, with among other things, the Grand Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Areas of focus

Industry / Energy and raw materials / Health and chemicals / Consumer goods, trade, media / Finance / Service sector and public sector / Technology / Leadership Advisory