Dr. Wolfgang H. Koch


Is regarded as an insider in the energy and mechanical engineering sectors. Is skilled in the art of listening. The people for whom he carries out assignments value the fact that he keeps the big picture in mind and never loses track of the details. Makes appointments to relevant management positions while keeping the boardroom perspective in mind. Is also a highly sought after advisor in Leadership Advisory and Management Diagnostics. Consultant since 1996.


Studied electronics. Doctorate from the University of London. Scholarship from the British Council. Worked at GE in the US. Management training at Crotonville. Positions at Daimler-Benz and AEG. After a busy and energetic career, switched to consulting.

Attitude to life

A connoisseur. Open to the world. Someone who is concerned about the common good. Works very seriously and with great exactness. Privately he cares for his widely distributed international family and his social projects, and is involved in the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


His success at filling key positions speaks for itself. The same is true for his contributions to the development of procedures and methods in his area of specialization. A constant innovator, he detects and looks into current changes and thinks them through.

Areas of focus

Industry / Energy and raw materials / Health and chemicals / Consumer goods, trade, media / Finance / Service sector and public sector / Technology