Dr. Anna Katharina Jacob


At home in the world of universities, foundations, and non profit organizations. She knows about the possible tension between research orientation and science management. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, she is able to listen in an empathetic manner, to grasp the needs of her dialogue partner, and to support them accurately in the development of their institutions.


Holding international degrees in management, she gathered extensive experience in research, teaching, and science management at universities and research institutes. Her scientific focus was laid on human resource management and on higher education research. She won several prizes for strategic university projects with social impact managed by her. Quite early in her career, she acted as an advisor for universities in matters of quality enhancement and organizational development. She completed her professional portfolio outside academia, as manager for education, science, and culture for a large German foundation.

Attitude to life

Known for absolute reliability as well as for the ability to act as a mitigator even in tricky situations. She makes a point of unleashing untapped potentials and fostering young talents, be it in the context of her professional work, as a Rotarian, or in volunteer commitment when establishing a scholarship system for foreign academics. She also is engaged in voluntary activities for the cultural sector, as in her view art and culture are more than just an enrichment for one‘s own life – rather, they belong to the core functions of every society.


Acted as advisor for many universities and representative associations. Analyst of organizational structures with an eye for systemic relationships. A special performance feature of hers is the long-time experience of consulting for art and music colleges.

Areas of focus

Services & Public