Joachim Bohnen
Joachim Bohnen

Joachim Bohnen


Joachim Bohnen is an engineer with a keen passion for technology. He is a respected figure among carmakers and automotive suppliers. He is a consultant who goes above and beyond when meeting challenges for clients and prospective placements in the automotive sector. People who work with him appreciate his ability to listen as well as his excellent touch when dealing with business challenges and the human factor.  He puts the right people together and creates solutions for his clients. He is thoroughly versed in all aspects of the automotive industry, has excellent management skills and an ability to calmly facilitate exchange.


From an early age, it was clear to the ambitious mechanical engineer and graduate of Ruhr-Universität Bochum that technology would play a key role in his life. What followed was an impressive 20-year career in industry. He initially advanced through the traditional levels of management in development and sales until he was given an early senior management role with international automotive supply companies. As an executive, it was always people he consistently relied on in addition to deep expert knowledge. Thus, it is hardly surprising that based on his management experience, he came to pursue his actual calling: providing management consultancy services to European companies in the car manufacturing and automotive supply industry. His key areas of focus are identifying top management, filling senior management positions, and talent management.

Attitude to life

Unflinching in his honesty and upright stance, forceful and reliable in critical situations, he is a friend and supporter to those around him and those he works with. Passionate guitarist. Stays calm under fire  – something he learned while sailing in difficult weather on the high seas. It´s no wonder how much his fellow CAPITALENT sailors appreciate him as a skipper.


Consultant since 1999. Successful placement of candidates in top management positions at corporations and larger German SMEs. Candidates whose placement he facilitates generally achieve above-average performance and are considered highly loyal to their company.

Areas of focus

Industry / Energy and raw materials / Health and chemicals / Consumer goods, retail, media / Finance / Services and public sector / Technology