Cara Zwerling
Cara Zwerling

Cara Zwerling

Chief Operating Officer
The Marymont Group

Many years of experience in senior executive staffing in industry, aerospace and several other market areas. She is considered the good soul of the business in New York. She keeps the threads together.


She graduated from Wesleyan University and received an MA from Columbia University in International Studies. Together with Peter Bohner, she has built up a great team of young people at Marymont. Cara Zwerling has learnt the business of high-quality executive search from bottom up. She started consulting with our friends from The Marymont Group, then she spent some years at the United Nations before she returned to Marymont in her current role.


Cheerful, outgoing, uncomplicated. At CAPITALENT we are certain: As long as Cara Zwerling will be in her role in the office at Fifth Avenue, the sun will not go down at Madison Square Park.


Cara Zwerling follows the quality of the work being delivered with eagle eyes. The matter of quality in the field of executive search is in good hands with her. Her professional rigor, already developed at young age, has become legendary, even with those who apply high benchmarks in our trade.

Areas of Work

Industry / Aerospace / Energy & Commodities / Health & Chemicals / Consumer, Retail, Media / Finance / Services & Public / Technology