Silvina Molkenthin

Project management

Charme and passion, two ingredients that enable Silvina, being a scholar of cinema arts, to write the screenplay to success for our clients. She took by storm the terra incognita of Executive Search and since then she acts like a director in setting leading roles from casting to the final cut for the benefit of clients and candidates alike.

Broadly educated with a degree in communications, business administration and film studies, she tackles challenges with a wide-angle mind having previously worked in the field of media analysis and public relations for Airbus.

As if this was not enough, she likes to travel the world. Be it riding a horse across the American prairie or the same on a surfboard along the roaring waves on Australia’s east coast, always with a thirst for adventure. However, not only for fun – she spent a year studying at the University of Technology in Sydney. There, for a documentary film, she accompanied an ultra-marathon runner on his run through Australia’s Blue Mountains. She also filmed an award-winning Sydney chef. Already in those days did she prove her good eye for exceptional talents.

Besides her projects, she is active in the field of marketing and innovation at CAPITALENT. With an alert eye for new trends, she supports CAPITALENT’s clients to successfully ride the digital wave. Her motto: Catch the wave – now!