John Marth
John Marth

John Marth

Partner, The Marymont Group

John Marth is the Founding Partner of The Marymont Group. He has over thirty years of senior executive staffing and human resources experience at major organizations including ITT Corporation, Sun Chemical and American Broadcasting Company.


John Marth brings to his clients an extensive background in recruiting and placing experienced professionals across various functional disciplines and industries. He has an unparalleled track record of recruiting talent for senior-level and middle-level executive positions, and has executed many high profile placements at major corporations Prior to founding The Marymont Group, John Marth was the Chief Human Resources Executive for the Electronics, Defense and Telecommunications Sectors of ITT Corporation. He also served as the Director of Executive Staffing at ITT Industries where he was in charge of senior executive staffing for the entire corporation. Prior to joining ITT, Mr. Marth held several senior human resources positions at Sun Chemical Corporation, Inmont Corporation and American Broadcasting Company.


Gentleman, intellectual. A text book example of a familiy man. The well read psychologist from Duke University has organised his succession wisely and with farsightedness. As such the cooperation with our friends from The Marymont Group is safely secured for the the long term.


Elder statesman and spiritus rector of a quality in the trade that is second to none. Many of his executive placements have entered the „Who is who“ of American business. Internally still considered the „best interviewer“. Never satisfied with the average, with „what others do“ has he gone his own way.

Areas of Work

Industry / Aerospace / Energy & Commodities / Health & Chemicals / Consumer, Retail, Media / Finance / Services & Public / Technology