Dr. Tilman Frank
Dr. Tilman Frank

Dr. Tilman Frank


Respected advisor facilitating appointments to general management. Due to his broad range of experience in various sectors, the versatile entrepreneur has developed a special feel for the needs of the people he talks with. His innate versatility and curiosity allows him to identify prospective candidates in a wide variety of sectors.


Studied medicine and started a career as a specialist physician in the health services sector. He then worked for McKinsey before following his entrepreneurial instincts and starting the GloMedix company. He then worked in executive search consulting. He ultimately became one of the founding partners of CAPITALENT.

Attitude to life

A Francophile citoyen willing to take a stand for the common good. Made a notable contribution to fighting youth unemployment in southern Europe, created jobs in German hospitals.


In his many years as an advisor, Tilman Frank as been a mentor and coach to many a young talent who eventually became successful managers and CEOs. Like all business people, he is blessed with a sixth sense for business. He shares his knowledge as a member of supervisory and advisory boards.

Areas of focus

Industry / Energy and raw materials / Health and chemicals / Consumer goods, trade, media / Finance / Service sector and public sector / Technology