Creating a culture of success.

Creating a culture of success.

Recognizing and supporting personalities and potentials – a matter of attitude.

Our focus on people shapes the way we work. With our expertise for industries and people, we methodically gain insight on companies and top talents. In numerous intensive, assignment-independent interviews, we explore and discover each individual’s potential and in which company culture they can best unfold their skills. We support and help develop outstanding leadership personalities with a long-term perspective over many years. Each assignment, each consultation, has a single purpose: To deliver customized solutions that add value and ensure long term success.

An organically growing network – based on recommendations.

Dynamic, holistic, creative: our network of connectedness is continuously expanding – internationally as well as nationally – based on trusted recommendations from people we view as friends. These recommendations are our key to success. They ensure quality, connectedness, and discretion. Moreover, they help us win personalities with the kind of potential that guarantees the solution to challenges and change.

Executive Search
Executive Search

Executive Search

CAPITALENT Executive Search stands for the highest quality in placing senior executives: A consulting service with a systematic approach for successfully filling executive positions. With a proven track record over many years, methodological competence, and outstanding industry expertise, we are a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our focus:

Top management

Placements at the highest level in executive bodies: for example, Management Boards, CEOs and Presidents or Directors in academic institutions.

Functional management

Placements into positions with operational and management responsibility: for example, Department Managers, Business Unit Managers, highly specialized professors or other strategically important company functions.

Board placements

Placements into supervisory bodies: for example, members of supervisory boards, advisory boards, administrative councils or advisory committees.


Internal and external comparison of benchmarks – in cases where decisions must be made concerning a major appointment, and there is uncertainty regarding the right choice.


Interim solutions to bridge gaps in management – in order to reduce time pressure in the placement procedure and gain sufficient leeway to prepare and find the right solution.

Our dynamically growing leadership network

Top talents, sourced in the market via recommendation, supported on their way to success.

Talent recommendation
by clients or experts


with recommended


Interview with candidate,
independent of assignment
and subsequent career


for a top


Executive search
in exclusive network
for matching candidate


Interviews with
for specific position
to be filled


Successful placement
for assignment


Management Diagnostics
Management Diagnostics

Management Diagnostics

Management Diagnostics are services designed to assess the performance potential of an individual executive leader and/or an entire management team in a manner that is as precise, fair, appropriate, and acceptable to all sides as possible. For example, if your company is facing critical, transformative changes or if you need to know whether your executive team or single executives are set up to meet the challenges successfully.

With a carefully orchestrated methodology, we diagnose how competent and well-prepared your management is for handling challenges or processes like stock market listings, a new CEO, mergers and acquisitions, legislative issues, market changes, and company reorganizations or turn-arounds.

Proprietary competence model

CAPITALENT has developed its own competence model based on an empirical procedure and tested in hundreds of interviews. Our model delivers a stable basis for precise and appropriate competence assessment. We look at factors such as qualifications but give equal emphasis to measurable results the particular manager has achieved in the past. We take these into consideration with, for example, the social competence of the person involved and possible areas in which they might be effectively assigned in the future. We can supplement this with psychometric procedures in order to more closely examine specific aspects and substantiate certain prognoses.

Leadership Advisory
Leadership Advisory

Leadership Advisory

You are facing a special challenge? Leadership Advisory is our consulting service providing support at crucial moments in top executives’ careers.
Whenever there is a challenging scenario such as a key management board position which needs to be filled, a critical phase for the company, a time of great personal stress, a new beginning or change in roles, our individually tailored advisory service offers valuable support in these times of transformation.

Our team of selected leadership advisors are highly qualified consultants, psychologists, psychoanalysts, doctors or human resource specialists with a great wealth of experience and expertise that reliably stand by your side to successfully master the challenge together.

Our services in this area include:

  • Individual counseling of top executives
  • Executive development
  • Crisis prevention or intervention

Executive Consulting strategy

Executive Consulting strategy
Provide expertiseHelp make decisionsTake off pressure

Our Executive Consulting strategy

Executive Consulting strategy