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How to get into a mode of creative innovation mit Craig Semetko

On day two of his remarkable 2017 visit to CAPITALENT, Craig Semetko, in his contribution of how to transform the organization, carried his audience well beyond known patterns of thinking. While some of the insights described on day one of “serendipity” had perhaps not been entirely new to everybody, everything that followed was. Craig introduced the world of The Second City theatre to the crowd. Based on his own experience, Craig argued the tenets of improvisation to be most helpful, as in improvisation we generate more ideas both quickly and efficiently, and we work unburdened by fear of failure.

For more than two decades, The Second City has taught the principles of improvisation to thousands of corporate clients in the US. Craig made the point that in the same way we learn, communicate, and work, professional success often rests on the same pillars that form the foundation of great comedy: Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration. Luckily, with Craig being part of the Chicago comedy scene, he brought fresh material from top-notch folks at The Second City to the workshop. And, then – theory was over. Participants were plunged into a series of exercises. It was good fun and folks felt it ended much too early. In short, it proved a great success. In one exercise, participants were to split into groups and were to create a product that did not exist but had to be connected from two different frames of reference. Like in comedy, two separate lines of thought when put together create an entirely new meaning. These connections or juxtapositions are significant as often they can help create new products.


Autor: Dr. Wolfgang H. Koch, Partner

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