Our philosophy

We see ourselves as a partner you can work with in a stable relationship over a long period of time. We support you with innovative contributions and understand your business.

Our guiding values

We are genuinely interested in people. We want to really get to know the people who become our clients and work with them to map out a prospective career path – initially without a narrow focus on the specific search assignment. In doing this, we talk about the person, their experience, their attitudes and their background. Only after that do we discuss possible new assignments. In the course of this intensive and close exchange between advisor and candidate, even before the actual appointment, we cultivate an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect beneficial to both the client and the candidate. The highly qualified nature of exchanges, our complete discretion in how the interests of the person we are speaking with are handled, and inviting them to enter a long-term relationship with us are an invaluable advantage to our clients: They experience candidates who are an exact match for what they, but to whom they would otherwise not have had access.

Hand-picked candidates

Advisory and staff members at CAPITALENT systematically and consistently analyze the market in a proactive search for outstanding talent and leadership figures. Before anyone is approached by CAPITALENT, we already have at least one or two recommendations. Precisely because of social media, additional references are exclusively obtained in face-to-face talks at CAPITALENT. At CAPITALENT, all interviews, including the first contact, are conducted by partners.

Expertise on equal terms

Clients can rely on the acknowledged expertise of their CAPITALENT consultants, because CAPITALENT partners are highly knowledgeable about their respective discipline. Our consultants have broad experience in their specialize sector and have held senior executive positions or worked as senior advisors in their field of expertise. The consultant handling the assignment supports the client throughout the entire executive search process and guarantees the quality of each individual step in the process. The experience and seniority of the consultant is also helpful to the client, for instance in avoiding pitfalls in complex committee decisions.

Quality guarantee

The trust we establish with our clients, our close-knit network, stable processes – all these guarantee that the procedure all the way to signing the contract is reliable and moves fast. At CAPITALENT we undertake to make facilitate the right appointment and thereby added strategic value to our client’s company. We are perfectly willing to have our work measured by the contribution to earnings made by can.


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