Management Diagnostics

Management Diagnostics from CAPITALENT include services such as ASSESSMENT and AUDIT. The goal of each investigation is to assess the performance of each individual manager and/or management team while being as precise, fair and acceptable to all sides and as appropriate as possible.

Your company is going through a phase of change? You want to evaluate whether current management will be able to handle forthcoming changes? Perhaps you are about to make a significant acquisition and are asking yourself whether your management capacity is adequate for the takeover?

Typical company situations for the application of Management Diagnostics are, among others, mergers and acquisitions, turn-arounds, legislative issues, a new CEO, stock market listing, changes in the market or reorganization.

The performance promise of CAPITALENT

We will support you in evaluating the management involved. And we will deliver a prognosis of the possible development of future results. In particular, we will estimate what capacity is available in your company for solving problems and managing change.

Our own competence model

CAPITALENT has developed its own competence model based on an empirical procedure and tested in hundreds of interviews. Our model delivers a stable basis for precise and appropriate estimates. At the same time, we look at issues such as qualifications, but give equal emphasis to the measurable results the particular manager has achieved in the past. We take these into consideration with, for example, the social competence of the person involved and possible areas where they might be assigned in the future. We can supplement this with psychometric procedures in order to more closely examine specific aspects and substantiate certain prognoses.


Individual assessment is a building block for advising and evaluating senior and top executives facing special challenges. The trigger may be a critical assessment of executives or the desire to give them special encouragement. Such an individual assessment is also appropriate for carrying out a performance analysis by precisely comparing similar executives in the market, for example, in connection with a pending appointment. The methodological concept of the assessment is organized in such a way that it can be combined with the CAPITALENT Leadership Advisory Program.


In contrast to an assessment, an audit is a procedure which includes several managers or the entire management team in the evaluation. It also involves openly announcing within the company that an audit is to take place and when. In the context of the audit, we conduct numerous interviews with all participants. These interviews allow us to prepare a report on individual assessments as well as an overall report on the management team: the overall report entails a comprehensive procedure examining an organization and its managers in considerable detail. An audit makes it possible for us to specify what the company we are advising needs to do long before it becomes obvious in day-to-day business.


A unique feature of the CAPITALENT concept is how we link qualitative criteria and their quantified evaluation. The end result is that we are able to make reliable predictions of future economic development.


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