Leadership Advisory

Leadership Advisory by CAPITALENT is a consulting service for providing support at certain times in the career of top executives.

Our services in this area include:

  • Individual counseling of top executives
  • Executive development
  • Evaluation activities
  • (assessment, benchmarking, portfolio)
  • Crisis prevention/intervention

At CAPITALENT we avoid expressions such as “coaching, outplacement or on-boarding.” We are convinced that the truly decisive moments in a career cannot be dealt with using off-the-shelf solutions. Counseling must therefore be individually and exclusively tailor-made for each particular case. Both in terms of professional skill and choice of consultant. We have developed the Leadership Advisory Program for this purpose. The advisors provided as part of this program are highly qualified consultants, psychologists, psychoanalysts, doctors or experienced human resource specialists.

Executive & performance

A top position in a company needs to be filled. How can the executive chosen for the position be compared with other top people on the market? Who are the best talents and executives on the market for a particular function – whether nationally or internationally? How do we compare with the opposition?

We can help you find answers to these questions – and provide you with an appropriate guarantee for your choice of candidate for a Board position.

Crisis & attack

The company is in a difficult situation. The person at the helm is on the brink, perhaps out of his or her depth. Rapid action is called for. Who can help? A situation where an executive is struggling with changed conditions is also typical. Motives and symptoms may differ and the crisis may have developed to a different extent in individual cases. But if it is recognized in time, it is still possible to adopt preventive measures. As a last resort, a change is also conceivable. Whatever the case, the leadership advisor can make a helpful contribution to stabilizing the situation.

Rise & fall

A rapid rise – and suddenly a precipitous fall. Euphoria versus disappointment. The difficulty of dealing with this phase of instability and high tension can be as trying as the range of emotions which surface at these times – for companies and individuals. The irrepressible, sometimes rapid rise, the euphoria felt in a phase of success – they take their toll: in the form of burdens on the family, the disruption of relationships, and isolation or sacrifices made to health. And then when – sometimes apparently without warning – a phase of sudden decline begins, it hurts, the process is painful. The successful, possibly once celebrated manager has to resign. The manager’s power slips away, his or her influence shrinks, and friends and colleagues turn their backs. A person who is unseated in this way is treated badly and without mercy.

Here the leadership advisor can give valuable support to the person affected. Meetings between leadership advisor and executive do not consist of a structured interview, but rather the advisor intervenes according to the situation – and as a rule, quickly establishes a good rapport with the person being counseled. And in most cases the advisor is successful in defusing the situation and gradually re-establishing a positive climate.

New duties & probation periods

Promotion and a new job are within view. It will soon be starting. How to guarantee that it does not become a false step? Who will help me avoid making a mess of things in the first 100 days? How can I read the new signals I receive in my new position? The services associated with answering questions like these, in the case of external placements also referred to as “on-boarding,” are concerned with the new executive’s effectiveness in the new duties and environment. Leadership Advisory has also proved its value in grooming rising executives from your own organization who are expected to advance to new duties at the first level.

Pressure & isolation

With increasing advancement, the number of people who an executive can talk to as equals, in confidence, becomes smaller. Who is still able to give the executive independent advice? Whom can he still trust? From whom can he still get honest feedback? The support the executive receives here from the Leadership Advisory service comes the closest to classical coaching. It offers a level of unadorned critical reflection, with which executives can look at themselves and the consequences of their behavior – in dialog with another person who is on equal footing. To establish sustainable development, it is not enough for them to only take account of the visible interactions or visible patterns of behavior of which they are consciously aware. For the decisive events setting the signals for the wellbeing and good work performance of executives take place at a level which is initially hidden from them. However, appropriate methods help them reach a place where they are conscious of these and willing to risk changing the basic situation. And this relieves the pressure and opens up new possibilities again.


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