CAPITALENT concentrates on the German-speaking countries. But we also work internationally, in many cases even globally. Our clients often give us very challenging “cross-Atlantic” or “cross-Pacific” assignments – especially when it is a matter of globally distributed economic value added.

We have broad international networks, which we maintain and constantly expand. These networks give us access to all the regions of the world, keeping us up to date on all the latest trends. In many countries around the world, clients and friends who live and work there become ambassadors for us and key information brokers.

In addition, for certain clients we work with carefully selected independent specialists who are able to make a valuable contribution of their own.


Witena, Zürich

Grüezi! Despite all the capabilities already on the CAPITALENT team: We prefer to leave the climb over the Hörnligrat to the summit of the Matterhorn to Swiss locals. We acknowledge without any trace of envy: They are more knowledgeable about setting up a bivouac for emergencies, and have more experience with sudden storms. Our Swiss colleagues also understand more about silently opening safes. In a nutshell: We handed responsibility for the Swiss market over to Witena, one of the leading independent executive search and solution expert practices in Switzerland. We take pride in our well-functioning collaboration. All business is conducted with the utmost discretion and remains in the safe hands of our colleagues between Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Lugano.



The Marymont Group, New York

A long professional friendship links us with our friends John Marth, Peter Bohner and their partners and colleagues with Marymont Group. We have completed many successful projects together. The practices on each side of the Atlantic share a mutual sense of respect and appreciation. No client here needs to fear that an assignment in process will crash halfway over the Atlantic or vanish in the vast expanses of the Midwest.